Life Project

I think the most exciting thing about this whole entire project was finding a job and apartment. I had already known that I wanted to be an engineer for a while now, but I didn’t actually know how many different types of engineers there actually were in the world. I also liked picking out an apartment. You would have to choose where you live as well as how you want to live. In the end I had found a really interesting apartment in Washington D.C. The most valuable information I learned from this project is also how much bills cost. If you aren’t careful you can end up in a lot of financial trouble.




             One invention that I know has changed everyone’s life, is the lightbulb. The lightbulb is much more energy-efficient than any other light source. The candle was the leading cause of many fires before the lightbulb was created. The lightbulb was made by Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors ever to live. The lightbulb has also inspired many other inventors to make objects that help humanity as well. The lightbulb is not only a great invention now, but I’m sure it will be a great invention to inspire many as it grows older.

Life = Risk

               Ulysses Grant was a great war hero, but he had some big mistakes in his time. He failed as a soldier, a farmer, and a businessman. As a soldier he detested the war, he could never grow anything as a farmer, and he got his family deep in debt through his partner in business. The reason Grant was famous is because of how he was the military general of the Union in the civil war. Even after that he became more famous for becoming the president of the United States.

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Failure = Success

           I do not think failure can be that bad, it will help you learn from your mistakes. We should celebrate because we learned a lesson and we will do better the next time. I reacted by being surprised, because all of those famous people had really failed at one point. One time in basketball a long time ago, I couldn’t even come close to making a three pointer. Even though I couldn’t get it I would always keep on trying. Last year I had actually made my first three pointer and everyone celebrated.

Are Text and IM ruining students’ academic writing skills?

                 I find this question very arguable in that it could be bad, or not even be harmful at all. Of course you will probably find a child that has been hurt academically by texting. Even though this is common, children can still type out full messages by texting or I’m and this can actually help them spell. I can even remember my mom and her friend quarreling with the friend’s son about it. He had said that he had a full keyboard on his phone so he could text out full messages unlike others. Even though I am trying to prove that texting doesn’t necessarily harm your writing skills, I’m almost positive that some scientist somewhere has probably already proven that it is bad for your academic writing so just listen to him.

Japanese Tsunami

               Many things are going on in the world today, from riots found in Northern Africa to the massive earthquakes spreading throughout the globe, it’s hard to find peace. My story is about the Tsunami that has recently hit Japan causing devastating effects. The tsunami was the size of 23 feet hitting multiple areas including Saito which was almsot completely washed away. Multiple people are affected by this Tsunami, people such as Japan which will never recover from this incident completely, also the rest of the world will eventually be affected by this because Japan can no longer buy any exports from countries such as us so easily now. Over 10,000 dead are estimated to be found and over 2,000 bodies washed up on the North Eastern shore of Japan on March 13. It is important for the public to know because then we could help those in need. We could also prepare for if the affects would reach us, but it is more important to help Japan in anyway possible. We have sent ober search teams and rescue squads to help them out and there will eventually be multipple donation groups directed to help Japan. We must keep Japan in our prayers.                                     

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